Law office


The law office Jödicke was founded in September 1990 by the lawyer Matthias Jödicke.


From the beginning, the law office was dealing with economy and trade related law. The center of our activities are advising, working with, and represending commercial companies, societies, and state institutions.


Our goal is to avoid legal court dusputes by thorough and knowledgeable advice and discussion. Or, in the case of a likely court dusputes, to find economically advantageous solutions outside the court.


We help companies in the process of founding a company, especially in taking care and handling the legal aspects involved in this process.


We take care of companies and of regional administrative bodies with all resulting legal problems. Among other activities, this includes the writing and evaluation of contracts, mainly by participating in negotiations of the contracting partners and in discussion with respect to alllegal ussues. We concentrate in the areas of commercial law, the labor legislation, general civil law, the tax and deliveries right, as well as the public and private building law including the architect`s law.


Our law office can also assist in property transferals, such as the sale of companies, and inheritance issues.


In addition to the gerneral civil law, we are also active with law of succession, and the road traffic law.


The lawyer Matthias Jödicke is allowed to represent clients in the Thuringian higher regional court.


As such, the law office is able to represent clients at all Thuringian courts in all authorities.


In addition, the law office has the right of representing clients in all country, administration, and office courts in the whole federal territory of Germany.


The law office has state-of-the-art technical equipment and an extensive library. We also outfitted with computer-assisted search capabilities.


For special cases, especially in the area of the repossession, we closely cooperate with private investigators.


In summary, we are able to handle a broad spectrum of legal issues and welcome new clients.